About the Organization

Women's Development Foundation is an organization with a set of heterogeneous persons who have come together by the philanthropic objectives of helping the less fortunate brethren, alleviation of poverty, spreading the principles of humanitarianism and also promoting a world free of environmental pollution.

Registration was granted by the government in 2002 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization at national level, having being engaged in several projects of philanthropic social activities since 1998 with underprivileged communities in the North Central and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka.

Objectives of the Organization

To conserve the natural resources and improve the quality
To guide the community towards nationalism through, ambitious development programs
To make the voice of women a driving force in the progress of the country

"Guide Our Country Towards Sustainable Development"

History of The Organization
Starting a Scholarship fund Named "Apeksha" for the benefit of the children select to higher studies . who are belongs to very low income families in rural areas.